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APOEM is a non-profit organization, but we still need funds to operate. If you like what we do and would like to support us, here are some ways you can help:

Honestly, we’ve tried to make this as easy as possible …

Have anyΒ  suggestions for other ways we could raise funds to support the appreciation of poetry, to have poetry always on everyone’s mind? Just let us know in the general forum. We’re all ears.

We’re trying to find the balance between shameless begging and obscure solicitation, all in the name of successful fundraising to support a good cause.

We know there is a place in this world for this site and our forum, and a need for greater appreciation for poetry. We are certain we can help others in infinite ways with more poetic discourse, and not just in the teaching or writing or reading of poetry or literature but also in the art of living well as a human being. Poetry is already everywhere – we simply want to point out as much as possible.

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