Spanish Quizzles II

Spanish Quizzles II is the sequel or second semester to our Beginning Spanish Quizzles app, a simple, free practice drill for rote learning of Spanish vocabulary, grammar/target structures, and verb conjugation. QuizzyLogo1We designed these apps for our students to have something to practice while they wait in line, on the bus, or whatever. Rote practice is still essential to learning and valuable as a study skill. So we designed these apps to make it easier for students to practice/study whenever they can.  (App Store Link Coming Soon)


The thing about introductory Spanish is that the curriculum remains the same regardless of academic level. The pace at which the material is covered changes drastically from high school to college, but the material covered is essentially the same. So, these apps should be beneficial to anyone wanting to practice, improve and enhance Spanish vocabulary, grammar, and verb conjugation.

There are two ways to practice. Drill mode offers an endless series of random questions from one category. Quiz mode offers 10 random questions from one category.

If you have any questions or or trouble with the app, please email If you’d like to provide us with any other sort of feedback, request a different sort of study drill app, or just get in a discussion about the app (teachers or students), please leave a comment below or start a discussion thread on the forums.



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