Quizzy Spanish Colors Drill

The Quizzy Spanish Colors Drill is a simple free practice drill for rote learning of Spanish vocabulary for colors.  QuizzyLogo1This app is the first of many we are designing for our students to have something to practice while they wait in line or whatever. Click a link below to get the app:

  iOS … or … Android

Rote practice has essentially been removed from the modern classroom; however, rote practice is still essential to learning and valuable as a study skill.  We are designing these Quizzy Drill apps to make it easier for students to practice/study whenever they can.

It’s called Quizzy, and it may look like a quiz, but it is practice drill. 

Some questions ask the student to see English in the question and produce Spanish in the answer; other questions ask the student to see Spanish in the question and produce English in the answer.  This way all bases are covered for whichever a real quiz/test may require.

If you have any questions or or trouble with the app, please email quizzydrills@gmail.com. If you’d like to provide us with any other sort of feedback, request a different sort of study drill app, or just get in a discussion about the app (teachers or students), please leave a comment below or start a discussion thread on the forums.

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