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blwp-iconHaven’t posted anything in a while, yikes!  Been working on a new iOS app for some reason.  Hadn’t made a new on in a while and decided to update Xcode to 8.whatever the latest one is and dive into some Swift 3, which is also an updated version of itself since last I apped.  Coding can be an all consuming process sometimes, a lot like writing a poem, particularly a formalist poem that challenges itself to adhere to some sort of guidelines of meter, stanza, rhyme scheme, etc …

I have made a few apps before, some quiz/practice drill apps for Spanish (which, yikes! will need to be updated soon since their backend parse.com is not long for this world), and a couple of games.  I recently decided to make a new game app after failing to recreate the dying back end of my quiz apps.  I figured I could use some practice, get back into the swing of things, and then come back to the back end repair job with a bit more know-how and experience.

So, I’m making this game for my daughter.  It’s called The Brave Little Wandering Princess and should be fun for anyone who likes to play games on their mobile.  I’m nearly finished submitting it to the app store for review and fairly stoked about it.   It has a back story and everything. 

A clumsy dragon attacked this kingdom to steal all its gold and is now flying around breathing fire and dropping gold (it’s clumsy, see).  Our Brave Little Wandering Princess has set out to go around picking up the gold, and the player gets to be this wizard dude who has been tasked with her protection while she saves the kingdom.  Or something like that.  We’ll be putting a support page with all the details on this site like we’ve done for all the apps thus far, maybe an announcement post when it goes live, and stuff like that.  So, keep an eye out, eh?  



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