Impossible Auburn Football Trivia Game

Something to do until the next season starts, or at your next tailgate … an Auburn Football Trivia game made by fans for fans.  It is a work in progress, and we hope to add more questions in the near future, especially if the game is well received by fellow fans. 

Download the app for iOS or Andorid.

This version has a total of 71 questions, but we plan on adding more and more questions in future updates.  Our plan is to add 100 questions when we hit 1,000 downloads, and continue adding 100 questions for every 1,000 downloads until we have over 1000 questions.

Correct answers earn 7 points, of course – so the highest possible score in this version is 497.  How high can you score?  Take a screen shot and post your highest score at AUSOMEAU and other AU facebook groups to challenge your friends.  WDE!

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