Idea Questiga

Idea Questiga, the journey of a good idea, is a simple, classic shooter game.Icon@2x The hero is a good idea, represented by the light bulb. The villains are called Nay Sayers, which always attack a good idea. It’s a free app and designed to be as fun as it is simple.  As in life, it is impossible to shoot down all of the Nay Sayers, so the trick to moving the good idea forward on its journey is to discern which Nay Sayers need to be shot down and which should just be allowed to fly on by with little notice.  Choose your battles wisely.  Check it out here.

We may at some point in the future add more stages to represent the complexity of seeing a good idea through to it’s proper end. Other villains would be things like fears and doubts, but for now … the Nay Sayers, represented by the universally recognized “NO” symbol, should provide plenty of challenges for our hero. Besides more stages and more villains, we may also incorporate power ups for the good idea, because there is nothing like getting a boost and more inspiration for a good idea.

If you have any questions or trouble with the app, please email If you’d like to provide us with any other sort of feedback, request more levels, different enemies (like fears and doubts), or player upgrades (like a second light bulb, or different lasers), or just get in a discussion about the app, please leave a comment below or start a discussion thread on the forums.

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