Conquer The Corndogs

The Corndogs are invading!  The Corndogs are invading!  Wait, I thought corndogs were a type of carnival food.  TheyiTunesArtwork@2x are, right?  No.

Corndogs” is a codename for an alien invasion force headed to every college town in America. From deep within the Perseus Arm of the Milky Way, the Corndogs picked up a satellite feed from earth of a college football game. They considered it an invitation for a cosmic challenge and initiated an invasion.

This is our first app where we attempt to make use of the accelerometer or whatever it’s called since the update to iOS.  So, players must tilt their device to move the ship, and tap to fire at the invading Corndogs.

BE WARNED: Corndogs practice alien voodoo to make you move your ship too sporadically, which causes the ship to malfunction.  Smooth and steady is the only way to go when dealing with Corndog voodoo.

Download Conquer The Corndogs.

If you have any questions or trouble with the app, please email If you’d like to provide us with any other sort of feedback, request more levels, different enemies, or player upgrades, or just get in a discussion about the app, please leave a comment below or start a discussion thread on the forums.

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