Brave Little Wandering Princess

Brave Little Wandering PrincessOh no!  A mean but clumsy dragon has attacked the kingdom to steal all its gold!   The dragon is now flying around breathing fire and dropping gold (it’s clumsy, see).  Our Brave Little Wandering Princess has set out to go around picking up the gold in the raining fire, much to the king’s chagrin.  As royal wizard, you have been tasked with her protection while she saves the kingdom.


Protect The Princess

The object of the game is simple enough: protect the princess from the falling fire with your magical shield while she gathers gold.  The princess will always move toward the gold that has fallen to the ground.  Well, unless she gets hit by fire, then she’ll be stunned still for a few seconds.  Well, unless she has been hit five times by fire, then it’s game over. 

How To Play

You can move the wizard around the screen by swiping your finger/dragging the wizard, or by tapping where you want the wizard to go.  Once a fireball bounces off your magic shield it is no longer harmful to the princess.

How To Score

You score one point for every piece of gold the princess gathers, but be warned … you will lose half of your points anytime she is hit by fire.  Your high score will be the highest point total you achieved at any point during the game.

Game Options

To jam or not to jam … that is the option.  There is a speaker icon in the bottom right corner of the main menu screen that allows you to mute all sounds: background music and game play sound effects.  There are several different tracks available for background music that come up randomly at the start of the game.  You can change the selected music track by turning the sound off and on.  Cycle through the tracks in this way to find the track you prefer.

Watch The Demo

Potential Updates

We had a blast developing this game and may not be ready to let the party end just yet.  Here are some potential updates we may add in the future:

  • Show Princess Health during game play
  • Have the difficulty increase as the score rises
  • Have the background colors change as the difficulty increases
  • Have some type of health power up fall from the sky or the wizard
  • Have a more difficult level where fire remains harmful after bouncing off the magic shield
  • Have a more difficult level where the score resets to zero when the princes is hit by fire
  • Add a way of sharing high scores on social media

Have a suggestion? Drop us a comment on this page, or send us an email to, or find us on facebook.  We hope you enjoy the game!



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