This site is primarily about the proliferation and appreciation of poetry. Not our poetry, mind, but good poetry … and possibly discussions or articles about good poetry, all kinds of poetry, and lots of it, tons and tons of poetry.

The world could do with a little more poetry. The work day conversation could do with a little more poetic insight, a little more complexity and understanding. The casual conversation could do with a little more poetic reference, a little more sub-text, a little more homage. Clichéd pick up lines could do with a little more verse, a little more epic awareness, a few more heroic couplets.

gene_shalitWe here at Always Poetry On Everyone’s Mind believe that Poetry Often Enlightens Minds, and Poets Obscurely Educate Many, so we have dedicated ourselves to proliferating Poetry, all kinds, everywhere, always, like the name says.  That is our goal … having poetry always on everyone’s mind, all the time, because Poetry Ordinarily Enhances The Real You.

No, Really, What’s Going on Here?

Eh, this site is also about some other stuff as well … coding, gaming (mostly retro gaming), and Auburn University.  These are just some things we are also into besides poetry.  See, the founders of this site met on their first day of grad school at Auburn University, orientation, in fact.  Not only that, but the founders were also of the mindset that once they finished grad school they didn’t want to leave the loveliest village on the plains and have remained in Auburn to this day.  Sure, mostly what is written and shared about Auburn is in regards to the football team, but it doesn’t have to end there.  Auburn is AUsome in so many ways, the town, the school, the public schools even, and the amazing family atmosphere of the town.  It is really like a modern Mayberry, you know, that town that Opie grew up in with the one sheriff and the deputy who carried a gun but kept his only bullet in his shirt pocket.  Of course, we’re not saying the police here are a bunch of goofballs or anything, far from it, but they are pretty cool as far as cops go.

As for gaming … the founders have logged many many many hours gaming on many different consoles, mostly during grad school while brainstorming and discussing Foucault, Derrida, Lacan and their ilk, along with some literature and poetry and stuff for good measure.  One of the founders is raising a family and has some pretty awesome gamer kids as well, and both founders have logged many hours gaming with the kids also, though, admittedly, the conversation during those games goes a bit differently.

In terms of coding, particularly app development and the stuff that goes into making this site work, or not work as is too often the case, the family man founder earns a living writing code for a day job.  Besides that, the founders tend to agree with the folks at WordPress that “Code is poetry”.  If you’ve ever held yourself to the stringent guidelines for composing a sonnet, villanelle, triolet, or some other formalist verse, it shouldn’t be too difficult to imagine the similarities between that and composing lines of code to some end already imagined before a single line is written.  The euphoria of success once the code is finished and working is very similar to what is felt when formalist verse is perfected.  So, it totally makes sense to the founders to combine poetry, coding, gaming, and Auburn all in one site, even if it doesn’t make any sense to anyone else.  Hope everyone enjoys the amalgam of interests that is alwayspoetry.org.

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